Changjiang Liuyu Ziyuan Yu Huanjing/Resources and Environment in the Yangtze Valley

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Abstract : The objective of our research in this particular field is to find a solution that is more effective in resolving the issue of water distribution for irrigation and farming. Many parts of the globe are experiencing agricultural crises as a result of a lack of available water for farming. One option that might be used for irrigation is the recycling of waste, which necessitates the use of technology that is designed to treat waste in order to clean the water sources. An excellent solution to problems associated with water shortages and the difficulty of acquiring water for agricultural purposes is the technique of treating wastewater in order to sterilize reclaimed water for irrigation. The results of the study highlight the need for more research on the problems associated with the practices of using recycled water for irrigation, as well as the existing and possible future status of water recovery techniques. During the course of the research project, in-person interviews were carried out with post-graduate and graduate students attending the associated educational institutions. The approach of formative content analysis was used in order to evaluate the acquired material. This research demonstrates that those who are concerned about the environment make every effort to alter the natural world around them. In order to enhance the quality of education, it is possible to educate farm workers and the general public about schools that are of high quality.