Resources and Environment in the Yangtze Basin

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Abstract : In certain areas on Sabu Island, the availability of water, sanitation, and hygiene is a serious problem in the summer. In addition to the reduced water debt, the water becomes cloudy, thereby reducing the quality of raw water. Based on these problems, the research objectives are to determine the effect of cotyledon powder of coated Moringa seeds with different concentrations and soaking time on the physical, chemical, and microbiological quality of water. This study used a completely randomized design which consisted of 2 factors, namely concentration and soaking time. The cotyledon concentration factor of Moringa seed powder consisted of 1.5%, 3.0%, and 4.5% and the soaking time factor consisted of 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes. Each experimental unit was repeated 3 times. The measured water quality consisted of pH, nitrate, nitrite, temperature, dissolved solids, electrical conductivity, coliform, and fecal coliform. The results of the data analysis showed that soaking time and concentration had a significant effect on the number of coliforms and fecal coliform. The significant effect of the interaction between soaking time and cotyledon concentration of Moringa seeds occurred on the amount of fecal coliform. Based on the results of this study, it is recommended that the combination treatment of soaking time and the concentration of cotyledon powder of coated Moringa seeds can be used to improve the microbiological quality of water.