Changjiang Liuyu Ziyuan Yu Huanjing/Resources and Environment in the Yangtze Valley

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Abstract : The land mafia has had a huge impact on economic development because the crimes committed include various land cases. The land mafia often uses organized crime modes, of which the most commonly used are the mode of falsifying land documents, carrying out fabricated lawsuits in court to obtain land rights, entering into malicious conspiracy to carry out authentic deeds involving public officials. This research aims to determine the influence of the land mafia on economic development in Indonesia. This research is descriptive analytical with a socio-legal approach. The results of this research show that the influence of the land mafia on economic development in Indonesia is that the land mafia threatens to hamper the investment of trillions of rupiah from the South Korean company, Lotte Chemical, worth US$ 4 billion or the equivalent of Rp. 56 trillion. In Banten, Lotte Chemical wants to invest almost US$ 4 billion dollars in petrochemical development. So it is not surprising that many companies that relocate factories from China do not choose Indonesia as their new location. There are as many as 33 companies that left China and chose Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. The absence of legal certainty and justice for the community is the beginning of the actions of the land mafia which can hamper economic development.