Changjiang Liuyu Ziyuan Yu Huanjing/Resources and Environment in the Yangtze Valley

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Abstract : Environmental pollution by plastic waste, especially plastic bags, is a serious challenge in various cities, including Kupang City in East Southeast Nusa. The study aims to analyze the impact of plastic bag waste on environmental pollution, in the region. The research methodology includes field surveys, sample analysis of plastic waste, and interviews with local stakeholders. The results of the research show that the use of plastic bags in Kupang City is still high, and it is evenly distributed across different sectors of society. Impact analysis highlights damage to local ecosystems, to water and soil quality, as well as threats to endemic flora and fauna. Socio-economic impacts, such as the impact on public health and the cost of environmental recovery, are also the focus of research. This research provides a basis for formulating more appropriate local policy recommendations, including promoting the use of environmentally friendly bags and educating the public about the negative consequences of plastic waste. With a better understanding of the impact of plastic bag waste in Kupang City, it is expected to inspire concrete measures to reduce the burden of environmental pollution. In conclusion, collaboration between government, industry, and society needs to be enhanced to a significant reduction in the use and impact of plastic waste in this city.